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Titanic Moments

OK let’s get right into the sister share this week. No fluffing around. 

The Titanic. 

What does this word conjure up? My first thoughts went to unconditional love, romance, Jack, steamed-up windows, a crystal necklace and I think somewhere amongst all this there might have been an iceberg and some sinking disaster or something?!.. 

Ha ha My brain is a little conditioned towards romance these days but this movie has several parts that prompted some wise words from me today.

Let’s go straight to the iceberg situation. I just had an amazing session with a client and we discussed in depth about how a certain problem, pattern, or behaviour is not often due to the obvious thing.

If we want real change, we want to get “underneath” the superficial thing we blame. It’s so much safer to say  “I have a problem with food or I am addicted to work or the money just isn’t flowing to me”….  That keeps everything at an arm’s distance. It’s the food, the work, or the money that is the problem. It’s got nothing to do with “me” 

Nope. Think Titanic – it’s something deeper. Something below the surface, perhaps deep in your subconscious that you haven’t addressed is manifesting as the addiction to food or work or the lack of money. It’s something you were not even aware of and certainly something that you can’t even see. It’s lurking underneath doing its thing… until you stick your head under the water for a peek. What the hell could it be?

Well…this is where my romantic side comes in. I can pretty much say that most (not all obviously) but “most” iceberg bases are LOVE. Not the love going out towards another or love coming in from another but the love from the INSIDE that is coming FROM YOU. 

If we don’t have deep self-love or self-worth – we turn to other things to fulfill this missing piece (or we push things away we don’t think we “deserve”)

WOW. That’s deep (excuse the pun lol)

What is lurking underneath is hidden but not invisible – you just need to look. 

When was the last time you had a look inside? A sneaky peak to see what is lurking in your subconscious? 

Maybe it’s time – particularly if you are sick of feeling like a sinking ship or constantly hitting massive blockages in your life. 

Yes, I know it can be scary as it brings up all sorts of stuff (even stuff you think you buried years ago) but until we address these things your life will continue as it is now. 

You can keep blaming the superficial stuff or you can draw a line in the sand and get to the root of the problem. Pull out the root of the weeds and they will stop growing.

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