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Getting Clear…

I have been a bit quiet the last few weeks… well the sister share has been – I HAVE NOT! 

Both Di and myself have had lots going on but it’s starting to clear… in more ways than one!!! 

What do you mean I hear you say?? 

Clear on our messaging. It’s been our biggest blockage since being in business.

We have never quite nailed it

We offer so much that it’s hard to put into words (which is a nightmare when it comes to marketing)

Our clients give great testimonials but we know human brains need STRUCTURE and we have been selling a FEELING.

Well, get ready…. Drumroll please I now have some structure and blow me down we have finally got our “three pillars” (a previous swear word in our business).

I have told countless coaches that our business model does not fit 3 pillars (in my head secretly wanting to say stick ya 3 pillars where the sun don’t shine) ha ha ha

But time and time again I see success coming with structure. People want to know what they are getting. 

So for those of you that doesn't know – we have decided to put some energy into professional speaking. Yes, we have previously been paid to speak but we are taking it UP A NOTCH. Get ready. 

With building out a keynote speech, the three pillars are a staple. So here it is…

Like any artist this is a work in progress so will probably change soon enough but this is the first draft. 

We are so passionate about balancing out the head and the heart in a wholistic approach

Now my question to you  - which circle is lacking in your life?

  • Do you have a crappy mindset and some old out-dated belief systems holding you back?

  • Have you let your body go and/or are completely disconnected to it?

  • Do you feel lonely, isolated and struggle with your connection to something bigger?  

Is it your brain, your body or your being that is keeping you from getting what you want? 

An interesting question to ponder this week….

After doing this visual model it has become clear how all our offerings fit into one of these pillars.

The retreat really covers it all 

  • We dive deep into your limiting beliefs and give you mindset techniques to change them

  • We do somatic bodywork and breath work to bring you back into your body 

  • We create a beautiful community where you can connect at a deep level within yourself and to your faith (whatever that means to you) 

And this is all done at STUNNING property on the Sunshine Coast. 

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