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When the Americans learn how to say “Cacao”

Wow what a crazy few weeks!!! There is some BIIIIG stuff going down at the moment and I am feeling every part of it! Lots of people going through major life changes and shifts and our retreat landed at the perfect time.

It was (as usual ha ha) life changing for all those beautiful women who took the plunge and joined us.

We even had two incredible American ladies fly over from California for the event. We certainly entertained them with our yahooing, kangaroos, deer, green tree frogs, kookaburras and other wildlife. The funniest bit was them being introduced to the word “cacao” and the medicine it provides.

Check out the video of them practicing their yahoos and cacao pronunciation. Hilarious!

These retreats really bond women together at a deep soul level. It always blows my mind how 20 strangers can meet one day and have lifelong bonds by the next morning. 

Sisterhood support for life.Connection. The world needs more of it.Leading into each retreat Diane and I always say “Remind me – we are NEVER doing this again” and then….

  • We watch the lights come back on in a woman’s eyes

  • We watch the bonds form and the laughter echo through the house

  • We see the healing happen in real time

  • We witness a woman remember her purpose and step into her power

And we KNOW this is why we are on this earth. We can’t not do it. It’s our THING.

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