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Subscriptions Savings

Are your subscriptions creeping up and costing you?

Every month our team has a meeting to audit our Subscriptions.

This is something which is easy to overlook in business or your personal life, as each month rolls around you hear yourself say "I'll do it next month" by the time you know it, it's next year already and you're still saying "I'll do it next month"

Know, because I DO IT TO !!!

This is why scheduling is so important and allocating time to work ON your business not in it's critical.

As our business continues to BOOM and asks of me more maturity, wisdom & vulnerability I attended our Subscription Audit Meeting today with our team. Hundreds of dollars saved by simply having a process in place and the discipline to follow our schedule.

This is relevant for families as well - Are your subscriptions sinking you... This is important NOW more than ever with inflation and the current economic environment. I heard the other day electricity prices are on the increase to!

EG. If you have a $16 monthly subscription that you aren't using, that would be costing you nearly $1000 every 5 years for NOTHING. If you have 3 of them (which is easy enough ).... it would be over $3k per year for NOTHING.


1. Are you currently using it?

2. Is it worth it?

3. Is it directly or indirectly making or supporting to increase income?

4. Is it making my life/biz more efficient/easier?

5. Does it support my business growth?

6. Could I manage without it ?

7. How can I pay for this the wisest way to ensure the lowest price?

(Can you receive discount to make annual payment, or can you purchase on a black Friday sale for discount)

Click here to get access to our sacred systems. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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