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Corporate Speakers

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✔Lose your BUT (Your Fears)

✔Embracing Uncertainty & Change ✔Resilience

✔Stress Management

✔Self Care/Work-Life Balance


We are Diane and Michelle. Yes we are REAL SISTERS on a mission to ignite change!


Diane, a former athlete and overachiever… Michelle, an ex Police Officer and Science degree holder.


Together we are here to support your audience to lose their BUT – that thing that has been holding them back - their FEAR.


We use our signature “Brain Body Being” model to have people completely change their outlook on life.

We have grappled with doubt and fear ourselves - Michelle, a single mother lost her policing job after 22 years (after not getting vaccinated) and Diane’s husband lost his international airline pilot job at the same time.


Our journey is a testament to the resilience found in embracing fear and surrendering to possibility.


We have charisma, energy and spark.


We will not only bring life long changes to your audience but everyone will leave with a smile and a spring in their step!


LESS Fear MORE Fulfilment.

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Connect with us to uncover the secrets of stress reduction, embark on a voyage of self-discovery, and embrace the magic of sisterhood. Together, let's make your life an enchanting tapestry of science, spirit, and boundless joy!

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