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Your Kitchen Table

How are you after this long weekend? Hopefully you have all had a lovely break and feel refreshed and ready to take on the week!

So today I wanted to touch on the importance of your friendship circle!

I was watching a Netflix documentary over the weekend with Michelle Obama sharing with Oprah Winfrey about her new book “The Light we Carry”. It’s definitely on my Mother’s Day list.

Michelle shares on how she calls her close circle of friends her “kitchen table”. This name was inspired by the safety she felt in her childhood around the kitchen table. Her family would gather and talk about all the things that had happened that day and she felt it was place where she could get advice, be held and heard.

She goes on to explain that her kitchen table friends are from all parts of her life and vary greatly in age. The experience, wisdom and knowledge is far and wide throughout the different personalities. She has 12 at her kitchen table.

It got me thinking… how full is your kitchen table? Mine is over-flowing. I have always maintained a large circle of friends for this exact reason. Connection is one of my highest values. I would have about 12 too but plenty of other people I could call on.

Who are your peeps?

Who would you call in a crisis or when you are having a hard time?

Have a flick through your recent text and phonecall list. Browse your FB and IG messages to see who you would place at your kitchen table (Don’t get “bazookered” though and get side tracked along the way ha ha ha… stick to the task at hand!)

We all need to fill our kitchen table and build a beautiful reliable tribe around us.

If you are struggling to think of names.. it might be a good time to reassess the amount of energy you are putting into your close relationships. Now I am not saying you need 12 at your table. You might feel safe and secure at a little round table with you and two others… But you need a table that is for sure!!

If you would like to learn more about how to build long lasting and fulfilling relationships and also start meeting some new friends that could possibly be invited to your kitchen table I would love for you to join us at the next Aligned Woman Academy.

This is not just any old course. This is a life-long commitment to build a tribe and continue the support and learning into the future.

The next round is the 3rd of July and after that you can continue to be part of the Aligned Woman community and future rounds.

If you want more information click here:

An edgy 6-week initiation into FULL ALIGNMENT

An online school for women ready to stop PRETENDING and start LISTENING.

Supporting you to listen to YOUR whispers and live as the woman you were


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