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Slooooow Down they said..

Well, holy dooly what a week…..

As most of you would have heard I landed myself in hospital last week with shingles. I am feeling a lot better but still getting some pretty clear messages to sloooooow down!!! I’m a doer, an action taker, a go-getter and I don’t relax easily. I get a kick out of it and it’s obviously serving some part of my ego. Well…shingles are a nervous system condition. Although it presents as skin blisters, it’s actually the virus attacking the nerves. How ironic and what better way to make me slow down? Often the Universe presents us with things if we have been ignoring the nudges. I have received the message but changing a pattern and belief system that I have held onto with both hands for 46 years isn’t so simple. I thought for this week’s sister share I might share some tools that I have been using to move through this challenging time. I am sure it will resonate with some of you.

  • Asking for and then actually TAKING the support/help offered. Wow that has been difficult for me. Particularly when this thing is like a roller coaster – sometimes I feel great, others I feel terrible. I have decided to say YES to anything offered even if it’s in an uptime.

  • Delving into the meanings of the body. Inna Segal's “You Can Heal your Life” and Evette Rose – “Metaphysical Anatomy”. Huge eye-openers.. Words like overwhelmed by life, not asking for support (just talking about the hardships), putting on a happy façade and then exploding in anger when the straw breaks the camel’s back, suffering plus 3 pages in my journal that hit the nail on the head. Mind-blowing

  • Healy – digging into the subconscious and underlying belief systems – very much mirroring what the books said.

  • Kangen Water – drinking heaps of activated and ionised water.

  • Nutrition – eating really well and ensuring lots of colours and variety.

  • Naturopathic Support – taking all my natural powders, drops and potions to support my immune system.

  • REST. Lots of it. This one is hard for me but I am forcing myself to work in small bursts and do a lot of sitting on the couch!! No exercise for over a week eeeek

  • Neurofit and Meditation – completing my daily nervous system and balances

If you are an over worker or a Type A personality then I think this will all be very relevant! I just realised I am still overachieving in my healing journey. Oh, dear… Anyway small steps… I hope you enjoy my raw, real and authentic shares. My healing is your healing so everything I go through will ultimately help YOU and our other soul sisters. That fills my heart If you want to hear more about my hospital visit and the stuff I faced in there (that’s a whole ‘nother share ha ha) jump over here.

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Love and Light xx

Michelle Anne

P.S. My book shone a light on the benefits I am getting by having all the responsibility – it makes me feel loved, accepted, valued, validated and important. Ummmm YES!!!

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