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Your Journaling Journey

Do you ever find yourself having the best intention & then not starting or starting and then not being consistent?

Trust me, you’re not alone. So many people have reached out recently wanting some guidance around their personal Journaling Journey. I remember starting out on my journaling journey & feeling so clumsy & clunky. Craving some form of structure or certainty... and there wasn’t any – which is why I want to share this with you so you can change your relationship with Journaling as a catalyst to changing your life & having a connection & fulfilment so deep, right at your fingertips.

So… – What is your experience so far with Journaling?

From my recent observations you probably either… Just starting out – Thinking of journaling and curious but haven’t started yet. Not really sure where to start. Don’t have a journal yet and am not sure it’s worth the time, effort and energy. Started but not consistent – You got yourself a journal but don’t want to write in it yet cause it’s too nice. Crisp clean pages, and you don’t really know what to write about yet so you “keep thinking about it” not really consistent. You may feel blocked not really sure what to fill your blank pages with. A Seasoned Journaler: You’re ready for more journaling, most days you have uncovered the magic and possibly seek more depth because you know the magic that unfolds on the pages in front of you is life-altering & literally at your fingertips. Any time, any day. – regardless of your starting point, this Sister Share & this week’s podcast will support you to REIMAGINE your life and start to live & create from your VISION rather than your memory, using your Journal as your lifelong, trusted companion. When you attune to the skill of living from vision rather than memory... It will ignite a profound change in your life.

My followers have been asking me to deliver on JOURNALING JOURNEY for years but I hadn’t got around to it because it seems to be something that is ingrained into my life as normal and I forget that people don’t do it or, want to do it and don’t know how. I have briefly summarized a section of the Podcast here: HOW TO START: Choose, get organised. First things first – you gotta get your equipment.

  1. Fluffing about and getting a journal. I've made it easy for you. You can purchase yours HERE. Sometimes if we have too many choices, we don’t make any choices. There are millions out there on the Market so bite the bullet and order yours NOW.

  2. Set up Sacred Space & appropriate time. A space in your home that feels safe, comfortable & inspiring and dedicate it to your Journaling space. Also, choose a time that is suitable for you to sit and get some quiet reflective time. I like to journal in the morning before everyone wakes up. Depending on the weather, I will sit on my couch or on the deck. I also keep my journal in my handbag so when I am out and about, I can pull it out and reflect anytime.

  3. Use Journal Prompts - Journal prompts are a great way to give you guidance and structure to get started (even for seasoned journalers) Once you get in flow you will surprise yourself with the creativity & spaciousness that follows. Click here for your customised journal prompts

  4. Write Freely – Don’t worry about spelling errors or having it look perfect. You’re not writing an Amazon Best Seller book – you are simply sharing your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and reflections. Start writing or drawing and be your own observer. Explore YOUR style: What is unique and specific to you? Sometimes you may want to draw, colour, or do weird shapes. Put pen to paper and bypass your mind and see what ends up on the paper. A chance to get to know a different part of yourself.

  5. A powerful tool is to ask yourself a Profound Question and answer it by using your non-dominant hand. Doing this is awkward at first but it bypasses the logical thinking part of your brain and accesses a deeper knowing within you.

  6. Reflect & Revisit – Once every now and again hold your journal to your heart. Take a deep breath and then open to a page and read it. It’s like the BEST PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TOOL ever!

Journaling is an important & daily part of my mission & vision and offers so many profound big & boring Breakthroughs. If you would like to deepen your relationship to yourself pop over and listen to our Podcast as on the blank pages of my journal is where many of my business ideas were birthed, books written & products come to life.

Lots of Love & Journaling Magic

Diane Mckendrick

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