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Why I smell like a rabbit.

Yes you heard it correctly.. apparently I smell like a rabbit.

Why you ask? Well that is what my daughter thinks.

We are home on school holidays and I am doing the Mummy/Business Owner juggle.

I had something important to do and so asked Macie (7) to fill out the Mother’s Day questions (as I never got one this year and I love reading the answers). I thought this would be a lovely thing to bide the time.

Here is what she filled out..

All pretty much on board except for the pesky rabbit comment.

I finally got to the bottom of it..

She thought it said “smiles like”.. and insisted I smile like a rabbit (bunched up nose – you get the drift ha ha)

So there you have it.

Anyway..the point of this email is that I am so grateful I get to do the Mummy/Business juggle. Yes it’s hard at times but I thank my lucky stars I am not working full time and having to put the kids into vacation care every day. We had to do that as kids and I don’t have fun memories ha ha (even though I am sure Mum thought we were having fun!)

I love that I have created and built my business so that my family and work can co-exist.

It can be a juggling act but sitting in gratitude is a simple tool to bring you into the present moment.

If you would like to learn how to create a business with your family still being cared for – reach out.

We dive into these topics in our upcoming Aligned Woman Academy.

EOFY sale this week and we kick off next week – 3rd July!

6 weeks of accountability, community and growth. Let’s go!

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