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Receiving. On a Monday.

A little lesson in receiving... It's Monday morning and I have just returned from a spinal flow session with the very gifted Nancy Keone I nearly didn't book my appointment as it was "Monday"... You know... The rules say you need to work on Monday and it needs to be a terrible day.

Mondays are for meetings and catching up on work and being stressed

Blah blah blah blah..

Anyway - I had a MIND BLOWING session. I dropped deep in the first 30 seconds and was taken into past lives (which never happens to me). I saw so many visions and images and got emotional. It explains a lot of my current life. Some of my takeaways -

  • I was actually speared in the back in a past life - right between my shoulder blades. Woah!! [This is right where all my pain is and Nancy has been telling me for weeks there is a random divet in my spinal cord at this exact point.]

  • I watched myself climbing a mountain – it was tough and I was struggling. Everything was laboured and hard. I did a lot of this in my past life. [This explains my struggle to stop and the constant activity in my life. When you are on a mountain if you stop you DIE. It also explains my obsession with Mt Everest, rock and mountain climbing documentaries and books. I can’t stop watching/reading.]

  • I had others but they will remain personal as relate to some people close in my life. But these were also mind-blowing.

My physical body got a break AND my emotional and spiritual body were refreshed. I walked out feeling on cloud 9 - it truly was magical. All because I said YES to myself on a Monday morning. GOLD. When you own your own business, or are a busy Mum or just a go-getter in life it’s sometimes difficult to stop and say yes to yourself.

But over time, I am learning that these downtimes are where the messages come in. Where growth, learning and development occurs.

It does not happen when you spend 10 hours sitting at a computer or when you are wrangling kids and pulling them off each other whilst making dinner and packing lunches.

It happens when you STOP.

So my friends… If you want to start receiving more and giving yourself permission to book something for you on a “Monday” come join our Aligned Woman Academy.

Aligned Women don’t follow the rules and certainly aren’t one of the sheep.

Aligned Women change the paradigm and TRUST their abilities to do something out of the ordinary.

They are ready to STAND UP and MAKE A CHANGE.

They book appointments for themselves on a Monday.

If this is calling you or if you have been watching along for a while now - Early Bird pricing is still on offer.

All the information and pricing is on this link. Head over and have a quick look.

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