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The woo woo side of business

If you have been following for a while now you will know that both Di and I do things a little bit differently around here.

We take standard business practice and tip it on it’s head. We might even throw up the middle finger at times. OK actually there is no maybe about it…the evidence is on our banner… our middle finger is definitely up. Sorry Mum.

But what it represents is a tongue in cheek “’get stuffed” to well meaning people telling you what you “should do” in business.

We both get it – there is definitely a lot of “doing” that needs to be done in business – emails, sales, follow ups, book keeping, accounting, marketing – the list goes on.  All the brain stuff. The heady, wordy, structured, urgent stuff.

But guess what I have worked out – the more you “do” the less you are fulfilled.

Recently I have discovered the power of  trance. The “being” part of business.  The dropping into your heart space and that thing you “can’t touch”

This is the thing that traditional business owners don’t teach you. This is the thing that makes us different.

We weave the head and the heart together.

Bring the “doing” and the “being” into sync. It’s actually called coherence and trance is what will get you there.

So what is trance?

This is the state you can drop into very quicky via hypnosis, KunYin, yoga, deep meditation, breathwork – lots of ways.

Something special happens when you go into trance - your subconscious mind lets its guard down.

So what? Well when the guard is away the mice will play..

And if the mice you let in are full of powerful positive suggestions & you are ready to change - big stuff goes down.

Can this happen when you are busy reading emails, doing sales calls or just randomly scrolling & hating on yourself as you see all the other successful people flouncing around with their 7 figure business? Noooooo

F that. I've been down that path & it gets results quickly but it's not sustainable. The last 6 months has hammered it home to me... the "being" is where the real fulfilling change is

Regularly dropping out of the "busy" brainwave state into a "theta" trance like state.

This morning I did that. I had plenty of emails to read, bills to pay, people to follow up but instead I STOPPED & did a 30 minute Money Magnet hypnosis..

Blew my socks off.

    • A $9000 government grant was approved & they said it would arrive in the next 48 hours.

    • A client said yes to a retreat

    • My chiro told me I had "credit" on my account & didn't need to pay for the next two

    • I got offered some work with a new support worker client (that fit perfectly with my business schedule)

    • I got a random call inviting us onto a successful podcast next week

I am in a bit of a giving mood today (and haven’t cleared this with with my sister – lucky I am the boss)..

I would like to gift you my first ever hypnosis I recorded. It’s called “’Doing less and Getting More” and is a very powerful way to experience the trance like state I am talking about.

If you would like to experience a little more of the woo woo in business CLICK HERE and you can grab your copy absolutely free.

You are welcome.

Enjoy – Any feedback always welcome.

Thanks everyone.

Trance it up

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