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I can’t… I have kids…

For all the Mummas out there… I get it!

Doing the Mumma juggle and always putting yourself last. It’s exhausting.

I listened to a podcast yesterday where a fellow Mum entrepreneur was being interviewed about her business and she was describing her typical week…

After she finished listing out what her week included my mouth was open – how does she fit all that in? It sounded ridiculous how one woman could achieve all that.

Then it hit me… I do that too. And she had a partner and I do not. WOW.

Lightbulb moment. 

How is this humanly possible? It really got me thinking. 

There are so many things I have in my tool belt for the Mummy juggle. They include the normal things like lots of structure and organization and empowering the kids to be part of our family team. The rewards charts, the routine and all the stuff. 

But the thing I do really well is – I give the time to myself. Sometimes it’s with kids hanging off me but I still get it done.

I have done countless yoga and exercise sessions in my healing space with one (or two) girls pulling at me, asking questions or fighting. Once or twice, I have nearly had a dumbbell hit a kid in the face (lol)

  • I have been on self-development webinars and group coaching calls with kids on my lap (sometimes smiling but more often crying). If they are smiling they are typing emojis into the Zoom chat.. 

  • I have had to excuse myself from calls while I got the kids into bed 

  • I have been recording a podcast and had to stop after a massive fight erupted outside my office door.

  • I have had to put my cacao and journal down many a time to pull my two girls off each other (apparently they don’t get along)

  • I have had to come out of my meditation to yell “Have you cleaned your teeth? Brushed your hair?” That should just be on record in the mornings.

But either way… I get it done

These things fill my cup and make me a better Mum (and person in general)

Do you believe this statement or have you heard it and scoffed “In what fairytale land is this possible)? 

Here’s an example to prove my point - Just this morning I was in the middle of my KunYin class. These classes are very sensual and drop you into your body and femininity -  My 8 year old came in looking for her school bag. I had so much love coursing through me, I just held her on my lap, rocked from side to side and hugged her so tight -  It was a very special moment. 

Doing these things actually TEACH your kids about self love and self respect.

My eldest daughter will often rouse at me if I have got up in the morning and not done some form of exercise or movement. 

So where are you in the scale of the Mummy juggle?

  1. Are you not doing anything for yourself and feeling miserable and resentful?

  2. Are you starting to get back into activities you love but with some guilt attached?

  3. Are you getting in and doing the things with kids hanging off you?

  4. Are you at the stage where you feel ok with switching completely off and attending an immersion or a retreat?   

Either one of these are fine, but if you want more from life I invite you to dip your toes into the next level.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

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