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My Story

Michelle Anne Saunderson - Those2Sisters

Hi I am Michelle Anne – the older sister of Those2Sisters (but the one with less grey hairs… for now!). I absolutely love supporting passionate business women to get what they want without the huge BUT (that thing that is holding them back).

BUT I’m scared. BUT I don’t know how. BUT I don’t think I can do it. BUT I don’t feel good enough.


My story is a crazy one.

Michelle anne.png

I was a Police Officer for 22 years. I wanted to commit to my side business full time BUT I was terrified to take the plunge.

Scared I would fail, didn’t believe I could do it. A single Mum seriously doubting her ability.

As luck would have it, my BUT was taken care of when I got fired.

I didn't get the vax and so I got the boot.

What a wild ride.

The reason why I am sharing this story is that this experience has taught me the power of losing the BUT and replacing it with COURAGE.

I am the master of transforming your BUT.

Strap yourself in ...

So how does my BUT look so good? Let me tell you a little story…

I had the dream life…

At 44 I was a respected Sgt in the Police with 22 years service. Until I wasn’t..

I made a life altering decision to say NO to the vaccine. I got FIRED.

6th of October 2021 was my holy shit moment.

My badge was taken off me. They stopped paying me. They started investigating me

This was my identity. I had served my community for 22 years. I was now unemployed.

Holy shit I am a single Mum of two young girls.

Holy shit how am I going to pay the mortgage, the bills, the car loan?

I suppressed it – sleepless nights, crying in the shower, yelling at the kids – I was a basket case full of shame and self doubt.

All my BUTS had come true.

I asked myself – what would I tell my clients?

I would tell them to wave the wand. Lose the BUT and do what it takes.

So I did.

But before I give you the magic wand solution, let’s go back to the pain for a second.

It’s easy as a coach to go straight to the good bit. Tell you that it’s going to be all ok. But as the big man Tony Robbins says People will do more to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure.

So what is your pain? What is your fear really costing you?

Mine? It was costing me my children.

I went from being unemployed, to scared shitless to a failure as a Mum.

That was my turning point.

The stress was too much. My business was struggling and I am still ashamed to admit this but I took it out on my kids.

I remember the day my sister came over and took my 10 year old daughter off me. I wasn’t coping.

I was acting like a child

The bottom of the barrel really.

Have you had your bottom of the barrel moment yet? What is this BUT costing you?

And here I am…. Out the other side

Showing YOU that with courage, trust and some simple tools, you can make it too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

What was my magic wand?

I have used so many tools over the last 2.5 years I should change my name to Tim the Toolman Taylor..

I have completed over $50,000 of courses (yes whilst not getting paid by a “normal job”) and my tool belt is FULL.

I have used and am trained in NLP, Hypnosis, Somatic Body Work, Nervous System Regulation, Intuitive Energy Work, Theta Healing – the list goes on.

And this is what I offer my clients. It’s magic really.

Every BUT is different and Every person needs something different.

So my sister and I created our own modality - Divine Hypnotics.

Using all our tools to support you to lose your BUT.

  • Rewire the Brain.

  • Balance The Body.

  • Connect into The Being.

I would be honoured to support you in losing your BUT.

Get your BUT over to our offerings page – it’s time for change.


Lose the BUT and change your LIFE.

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