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Sun and Stripe - a partnership in heaven

I have been networking like a ninja the last few weeks and meeting sooo many amazing women in business.  Something has become super clear  –  so many of you are BURNT OUT! 

A little story for all you.. 

Lying in the sun at Palm Beach Florida – soaking up the “rare break” Tony Robbins had given us.

Contemplating life – wondering how I got myself here? Smiling. Feeling so full and content. 

My phone dings. I look down. It’s Stripe.  $3,300 landed in the bank account. A retreat sold. A name I did not know.

My phone dings. I look down again. Another $3,300. Another retreat sold. Another name I did not know.

I send a message to my sister. She is still inside.

 “Oh yes two American ladies just had their full body yes and are flying to our Sunshine Coast retreat.”

Our manifestation coming true. Changing lives AROUND THE WORLD. 

A business where you lie in the sun overseas and receive money directly into your bank account.

It is completely possible. 

But guess what…. Most of you beautiful ladies are working your butt off. The money is flying in but you are absolutely spent. 

The thought of lying in that sun is teasing you. 


It’s an absolute thing.

I see soooo many of you doing INCREDIBLE things but the light in your eyes has dimmed…

If that is you,  read on…

Let me know how I go describing how you might be feeling… 

I am sure there used to be a huge spark in those eyes - what you do is your absolute PASSION and SOUL PURPOSE.

You LOVE it and can’t imagine doing anything else BUT…

You have been WORN DOWN.

Over time your energy has dropped and you don’t have the spring in your step you used to have.

Running a business is not for the faint hearted. Some days are freaking hard!! 

It’s easy to want to GIVE UP. 

You have given it your ALL and some days are just tougher than others.

TIME is one of the most precious things and it’s probably the biggest thing you DON’T HAVE.

Followed second closely by ENERGY. 

Don’t get me wrong – you LOVE your work – you aren’t lying in bed dreading your day, but you are craving something more.

The fun

The camaraderie

The light heartedness 

The excitement 

The space

The freedom 

And you know you are on your soul’s purpose BUT it’s at the expense of something else.

It might be your family time or intimate time with your partner or not having time for a partner.

It could be your health and your body.

It probably is at the expense of space and freedom.

We are here to do things differently.

Give yourself space and time so that you FEEL FULFILLED even when the sales drop or the big contract falls through or the complaints come in 

We are genius in showing you how to have a business in ALIGNMENT that allows you to thrive in all areas of your life. 

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