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Overcome the Top 3 Perfectionist Traps

Yep quite funny as I was just in this loop, and I caught myself overcoming the 1st Trap in starting to write this blog post.

Trap# 1

Getting the right "name", I just sent a text to my sister that said

"I'm writing our 1st blog post ... What's better?

"How to stop using perfection as procrastination." or

"Progress over Perfection" or

"How I overcame Perfection to start my Podcast." or

"Overcome the Top 3 perfectionist Traps."

Which would catch your attention or someone like Phoebe (or our perfect NEW clients' attention? I started getting all hot under the collar, confused, and frustrated, and then I realised what I was doing, trying to make it perfect.

Breaking the 1st rule of getting STARTED, fluffing around trying to get it right before I started. So... I just typed something that I liked and made sense to me. I stopped thinking about it so much and started typing. By this time, Michelle had sent me this 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I have published 2 Best Seller books (3rd is on the way), recorded 110 Podcast episodes, Coached over 20 women globally in launching their podcasts, and started selling sold-out high-end retreats, and it ALL started with the same feeling. Fluffing around for a big, then just decided to START.

Write/ type/ record something!

So many of you won't start your book/ podcast or events because you can't think of the PERFECT name. Stuff the name it will come.


Trap #2

Obsessing over the "structure."

Using this as the example, I realised it had to be set out right, easy to understand, and easy to follow.

"Hold on a sec, let me check some other leaders in the industry who have Blog posts ... They know better than me; how do they do theirs? I'll use them as a guide"..... NO, THEY CONFUSED ME, and I didn't like them, AND it wasn't ME .... so again. I just started typing and followed Rule #2.


NO ONE knows you or your product or creation better than you. Stop looking on the outside of you for validation and Trust yourself. Listen to yourself and GO.

Trap #3

"Waiting for x,y, z." before you start or hit publish

EG. Waiting for more followers, waiting for more info, waiting for someone to tell you to do it, waiting for the angels to tell you it's time.

Rule#3 is HIT Post, Record, send, and Email BEFORE you are ready.

Feel that lump in your throat, flutters in your belly and HIT SEND. Today I recorded a podcast called RISE UPgrade your life with my RUG Master Plan. About halfway through, I tried to say "exorbitant" 3 times and effed it right up every single time. Even by the 3rd time, I skipped over it because I couldn't get it out. Today the whole family was sick in bed, and I wasn't feeling 100% either; I still recorded my podcast, but I was "off", stumbling, unclear and obviously not even getting the words out of my mouth properly. I took 40 minutes to say what I usually would in 25. It is FAR from perfect. But it is DONE! This is the 1st podcast I am adding Client testimonials into, which I might add. I have no idea what to do, and the behind-the-scenes is an absolute shit show.

However, by following the Rules above and avoiding the Traps I shared, I will START, TRUST & then hit PUBLISH! Just like I did on my 1st two books, 110 podcasts and everything else I had created before I knew how. I don't consider myself a Perfectionist as I couldn't possibly create what I have if I was because I would never have started. You will find spelling mistakes in my books, stumbling over words in my podcasts, and wrong ingredient lists on the back of my protein bags (an expensive story for another time) hahahahaha now that's a doozy! Wait till you hear how I effed that up big time!


Overcome Perfection Step #1 Reframe your thinking

Mistakes are part of your learning curve as a human. I see them as lessons, not mistakes and always ask myself, "what can I learn from this" Once I see where I screwed up, I put processes in place to stop that from happening again.

Overcome Perfection Step #2 Ask "what's the worst that can happen

Simply ask yourself, "if all goes balls up, what is the worst that will happen?" Often when I ask myself this, it diffuses the fear's grip on me. I can guarantee that if you don't get it "perfect", you will find a creative & fun way to work with it.

Overcome Perfection Step #3 EFT Tapping

Tap, Tap, Tap your perfectionism away. I still use EFT tapping to support me in taking inspired action.

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