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Head Lice, Tantrums and Picky Eaters

The dreaded word. “Lice”

Sends terror through the parents of any school. Makes you want to poo and spew at the same time. The thought of the little critters running through your kids hair makes you instantly itchy.

Yep my girls have them (well poor Mace copped the brunt of it)

We have been madly treating, combing and washing pillowcases.. just to repeat it all over again. Fun and games of having girls.

You think your kids are the only ones that have them. Reality - you are likely one of the only parents doing something about it!

Add that to the meltdowns over which colour plate you gave them and the refusal to eat pumpkin, nuts, chicken, eggs, avocado, anything spicy (ie something with flavour) or remotely healthy and I’m left tearing my hair out (actually that might not be such a bad idea..ha ha)

I have chastised myself for being a shit parent, patted myself on the back for sticking to my guns, beat myself up when I have given up (and let them eat crap for dinner) and cried when I have lost my shit. It’s never-ending.

The merry-go-round of lice, tantrums and picky eaters and ultimately of motherhood. It’s bloody hard.

The reason I am talking about this topic today is that I want to remind you WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT.

If yours isn’t lice, tantrums and food it will likely be something else.

If you don’t have kids you will be beating yourself up about something else or your animals will have fleas (lol)

I don’t know of one person who has their shit together. It isn’t a thing. If they do, they are either lying or part alien. You choose.

The important lesson here is to stick together and remind each other of our greatness when the scratching and complaining becomes overwhelming.

This is the power of community and realness.

One of my highest values.

If you relate to anything I am saying here, feel free to make me feel better by letting me know what your three stressors are right now. A problem shared is a problem halved.

If you want a break from it all – jot these dates into your calendar 12 -15th October.

Leave the lice (or fleas) and screaming at home and lament your sorrows with us at the Renew Retreat at Cabarita Beach (between Kingscliff and Byron Bay)

This is glamping by the sea. Adults only. A place to stop, rest and rejuvenate.

We will be building a beautiful community and allowing you to taste test our offerings.

It’s a nice place to dip your toes in and see if this stuff is for you. Don’t worry we won’t make you bare your soul (we keep that for our Energetics of Business and Life retreats).

This is a beautiful easy-going retreat to fill your cup. We have also opened it to males so bring your partners or male friends along too!

There are only 3 months until we kick off so get in and get your tent now! They are selling fast.

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