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Energiser Bunny

The most common question I get asked is “How do you have so much energy? You seem to be always on the go.”

I have recently returned from two “back to back” work trips away. We did a speaking event in Brisbane, a few speaking events down in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW, flew back for two days to be with the kids and then jumped back on a plane for a Business Awards dinner in Syndey.

Today I have woken buzzing and ready to take on the world!

Well here’s a little secret for you ..

It might look like I am always doing something but the truth is – IT’S NOT TRUE!!!

I have lots of downtime and self-care. I get away regularly, catch up with friends, attend retreats (as a client), read books and take weekends off. You won’t see any 40 – 60 hour weeks here

My social media may look like this is not the case, but I always remind people that we have a team of people posting and creating for us. Me lying on the couch reading a book or staring at the ceiling doesn’t make for exciting content LOL

I am naturally a bit of a “doer” and it takes discipline and trust to “stop” but I always feel better for it! Every weekend I remind myself that it’s ok to stay off the computer and I don’t need to “achieve” something in another form. Each Monday morning, I now wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Do you take time out for yourself? Sometimes you need to be FORCED into it so I have the perfect solution for you! Click below to watch this reel 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Enter our Renew Retreat competition or nominate a friend that also needs to STOP. The winner will take home a FREE DOUBLE TICKET to the retreat. It’s a no brainer. Nominations close this Wednesday (30th August) so don’t delay!

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