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Business advice from the other side.

OK, this is a bit out there but my sistershare today is a whacky and “out there” one.

What would you say if you knew I could channel?

Firstly – what even is channelling?

Basically, it is the ability to raise your consciousness and vibration to allow messages to come through that are not from your conscious mind.

How does this happen?

Well, it’s been going on for a while now… For me, it started with chanting and humming of songs that were clearly not songs that I knew. They seemed tribal in nature and quite powerful.

As I continued to work with this chanting in my healings, actual messages started to come through. Often, they came in voices that were octaves lower or higher than my own. They came through in different languages and quite often different accents. Sometimes my body would move in weird and wonderful ways. It was fascinating and powerful and with each healing, I tapped into this energy, it got stronger and stronger.

This was always done in trance and during healings. I would just put my brain “to the back of my head” and allow whatever needed to come through. It was fascinating. And before you ask… no it was not scary at all. It actually felt really fulfilling and loving.

I then started to notice that during my client coaching sessions, I would give advice that seemed to be coming from elsewhere. I noticed my hand would start to shake from side to side when this was happening. Very cool!!

Little by little I have learnt how to harness this energy and increase my confidence in my abilities.

So why am I telling you all this?

I have just released 10 thirty-minute businesswoman channellings for only $66. This is the first time I have done this and I am so excited (and nervous!).

To get all the behind-the-scenes goes on how this happened – be sure to listen to my podcast. I literally stopped writing this email to record it. I was just suddenly really called to tell you my story!

That just confirms I am weird (but lovable!)

If you want to snavel a session be sure to jump on and put your application in using this link. I am only selecting 10 people so get in quick.

Michelle Anne x

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