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Addicted to… GEMs

What the hell is she on about? I can hear it from here!! I had sooo many things to talk about to you this week but had to narrow it down so managed to squeeze two topics into one – Lucky you!!! So firstly the addiction piece.. After a little incident with my daughter’s Ipad (my 9 year old managed to create a profile on a platform called Zoomerang and had 400 odd followers!!) I had a little wake up call. This was basically Tiktok which is aimed at tweens and although her content was pretty harmless, the dance moves and filters can certainly be construed as sexual. I nearly died when I saw how many videos she had created and the engagement she was getting. Hats off to her – she is clever (she makes better reels than me) and very creative but thats not the point. (It made me think I should be employing her to help me with my marketing!). but off point.. Two things slammed into my consciousness

  1. How did this happen (my answer – I was so busy I approved the app not really looking into what it is and also she had way to much unsupervised time to be doing these videos – probably when I was “working”.). She was addicted.

  2. So was I.

The last one hit hard. I was addicted to my work (I LOVE my business and the difference I can make in people’s lives) but it was slowly creeping into my family time. That also made me addicted to my phone.

So after some soul searching I came up with a plan of attack

  1. Obviously – get her off her device and reconnect with her.

  2. Get off MY device and reconnect with her.

WOW so simple but so effective.

The harder part was when they were in bed or when I had some downtime. I found myself turning to my phone time and time again… Aggghhh

So – I had an AH HA moment. I had to replace this with something. I decided books it was going to be. Cold hard real life books. Inspirational ones that I wanted to read. YES!

Now this is where it gets interesting. A good friend of mind suggested the Resilience Project by Hugh Van Cuylenburg. I love a good learning book that is told in life story format. I couldn’t put it down!!

He talks about GEMS being the crux of happiness

G- Gratitude

E – Empathy

M – Mindfulness

Genius – the simplicity in his stories and learnings blew me away. Now here is the best part of the story. Another friend of mine has been paying her teengage daughter to read self-development books! I thought – why not? My 9 year old is quite advanced (obviously ha ha) and loves to make money so I offered her $10 to read that book. She’s onto it. Can’t wait to hear what she gets out of it! She has already started without me prompting her. Another connection piece for us – BINGO!! I really hope this share inspires you to look at your addiction and what you could replace it with. Seriously these lessons can be the best thing for us!! Also...

If you want to take it to even the NEXT LEVEL – guess what?? You are in luck - we have just released our Renew Retreat.

Disconnect from those devices, grab your cold hard books and come join us at our glamping retreat at Cabarita Beach from the 12th – 15th October.

It’s half the price of our normal retreat and is going to be much lighter and focused on relaxation and connection. It’s also for men AND women!

It hasn’t officially been launched yet but we have already sold one tent and have our fist man booked in (yay or nay!)

If you want more information click this button and find out all the juicy deets!


Renew Retreat with Those 2 Sisters is an exclusive and rejuvenating experience for busy corporate workers, overachieving entrepreneurs or everyday humans who are seeking a much-needed break from their hectic lifestyles.

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