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Everyone's soul needs a big warm cuddle. That's me - I will warm it up with energy healings, cards and most importantly a big smile and an open heart x


Set aside one hour for yourself to receive an intuitive energy healing.

Healing sessions include sound healing, essential oils, energy work and one or two cards to assist in direction.


If you are needing some clarity within your business, book a channelling session with Michelle Anne.

During the 30 minutes she combines her business coaching abilities with her gift of being able to tap into spirit and receive intuitive messages through her channel. It's coaching with a difference!!
Michelle is also a talented energy worker and this exchange will have you feeling clear, supported and ready to take on the world!



Come and learn how I have completely changed my life from one of overwhelm and unease to that of grace, flow and alignment.

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Unlock Your Power of Healing with 

Michelle Anne Saunderson

Michelle Anne - Mystic Mag
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I'm an Energetics coach.

I did Soul School and Soul University and it was a really amazing experience. It really helped me dive deeper into my spirituality, my understanding and just broadening my knowledge of what we can’t see with the human eye. I came back to Soul University as a support person to help hold space for everyone and been an absolute experience and honour to be part of it. If you’re interested, I’de recommend reaching out.



I was blessed to receive a distance healing from Michelle Anne. WOW WOW WOW! What an amazing experience.

I am in Bali, Michelle is in Brisbane - The energy flow that I felt during the time we spent together was strong and intense. I had clear messages of guidance come through to me and afterwards felt so much lighter. The following day I felt compelled to take action on things I had been sitting on for months...

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Last week I had a healing session with Michelle and it was absolutely incredible. From the moment I walked into the room until I left I felt safe, supported and connected with Michelle. I can’t explain it exactly but I felt energy shifts and blockages opening. If you have not yet experience a healing session with Michelle I highly recommend you visit her. I know I will be making it a regular part of my self care routine. Thank you Michelle for holding space for me and sharing your gift.

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I can't recommend Michelle Anne Soul Healer highly enough. I have had a few healings with Michelle and at each session she takes the time to first dive deep into what is going on and then each healing has shifted my consciousness to a new level. Literally after two of my healing sessions I have had two new clients drop into my vortex and sign up to my coaching packages worth over $7,000. If you want a healing to help shift blocks... Michelle Anne Soul Healer is the one.

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