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Everyone's soul needs a big warm cuddle. That's me - I will warm it up with energy healings, cards and most importantly a big smile and an open heart x


Set aside one hour for yourself to receive an intuitive energy healing.

Healing sessions include sound healing, essential oils, energy work and one or two cards to assist in direction.



Come and learn how I have completely changed my life from one of overwhelm and unease to that of grace, flow and alignment.

Jaana Brown Photography 0438 758 269 (38


I had a card reading with Michelle Anne this week - amazing, incredible & so on the mark. Michelle Anne's intuition in tuning in to what is going on is truly amazing. I was completely blown away.
And yes I did get the confirmation on what I was asking - she just knew. Thank you.



I had a healing session with Michelle and it was absolutely incredible. I felt safe, supported and connected with Michelle. I felt energy shifts and blockages opening. Thank you Michelle for holding space for me and sharing your gift.



Had a life changing healing with Michelle Anne. Able to release an old programming of "not being worthy of love" to stepping into "worthy of love". Felt so safe and supported. Thank you so so much you are truly gifted!! xo



Wow! I had such a great card reading with Michelle, so on point! No "wishy washy, yeah I could maybe see what that card is saying" - everything rang true, was straight down the line and gave me the direction, clarity & reassurance I was looking for. Thank you Michelle!

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