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Releasing Anxious Feelings - Meditation by Mila

Releasing Anxious Feelings - Meditation by Mila


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Artist: Mila 
Album - Meditation for Kids From Kids by Those2Sisters


Listen to this beautiful meditation byMila. Mila will take you through a gorgeous meditation that you can listen - Releasing Anxious Feelings. It will leave you feeling safe and supported and peaceful. Dive into a world of calm and mindfulness with "Meditation for Kids From Kids" by Mila, exclusively on Those2Sisters!


Experience a unique journey guided by the soothing voice of Mila, as she leads children through a mindfulness exercises designed by kids, for kids.


This album is a delightful blend of imagination, relaxation, and playful exploration, making meditation an enjoyable and accessible practice for children of all ages. 🌈


Let your little ones embark on a magical adventure as they learn to center themselves, manage emotions, and cultivate inner peace in a fun and interactive way.

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