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Children's Meditation - "Missing Mum or Dad" by Esme Mckendrick
  • Children's Meditation - "Missing Mum or Dad" by Esme Mckendrick

    Artist: Esme Mckendrick

    Album - Meditation for Kids From Kids by Those2Sisters

    Title: Missing Mum and Dad

    In this meditation 9 year old Esme will be guiding you through a meditation about missing Mum or Dad. This is for kids who may have a mum or dad who works away from home, Like Esme or perhaps like her cousins your mum and dad live, may live separately.


    With this meditation Esme hopes to bring you deep peace in your heart and, support your body feel loved, safe & comfortable where ever and whoever you are with. Listen to this meditation anytime you feel sad because you miss your mum or dad. It will remind you that you are loved, important & exactly where you need to be.


    Dive into a world of calm and mindfulness with "Meditation for Kids From Kids" by Esme Mckendrick, exclusively on Those2Sisters!


    Experience a unique journey guided by the soothing voice of Esme Mckendrick, as she leads children through a mindfulness exercises designed by kids, for kids. This album is a delightful blend of imagination, relaxation, and playful exploration, making meditation an enjoyable and accessible practice for children of all ages.


    🌈 Let your little ones embark on a magical adventure as they learn to center themselves, manage emotions, and cultivate inner peace in a fun and interactive way. 

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