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Why are we all so serious?

Seriously…. Why are we all so serious?

A good belly laugh (complete with nearly wetting yourself) is the best drug to improve your mood, give you that dopamine hit, fix those wrinkles, decrease your stress, help you lose that weight, sort out ya sex life and make going to work fun!

Why don’t we pop that pill more often?

It’s FREE, EASY and ACCESSIBLE but none of us do it near enough.

This topic was brought on after a hilarious “business” meeting with our Pharmacist Ben who we are currently collaborating with to bring you an awesome integrative health model.

I look forward to our weekly meeting when we solve all the problems of the world and have a good belly laugh.

It got me thinking – why does learning always have to be so serious?

Sometimes you take things in and remember them more when they are FUNNY.

Why else has TikTok gone nuts and you constantly find yourself scrolling randomly waiting for the next belly laugh?

It’s proven Science.

Laughing helps stress. Full stop.

So my beautiful followers – let’s all commit to laugh a little more this week.

Who wants to see Ben's reel? Give us a reply vote to convince him to let us share!

Watch this space for some more updates and information on our collab with Pharmacist Ben. So much coming your way!

We are launching something a little special with Ben at our next retreat too. If you would like to be the first to know – make sure you register and get yourself a glamping tent with your besties.

Men and women are all invited. We are excited to have both the masculine and the feminine join together in one space.

Glamping by the sea to decrease your stress levels, lighten your heart and connect with other amazing souls. What else do you need?

All the information you need is here

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