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Divine Hypnotics getting results!

What a crazy few weeks – for those that missed all the happenings,  both Di and I have been away adding a new tool to our already full tool kit.  This one is INCREDIBLE and fits perfectly in with everything we already do.

NLP and Deep Trance (Hypnosis) training consumed us for one whole week. We lived and breathed it and it’s soooooo effective it blows my mind!! 

We are now incorporating this into our offerings and even better have created our own modality – the integration of all our tools. It’s called “Divine Hypnotics”.

Until we get the fancy visual model (it’s coming!!) here is the low down…

BRAIN – Using NLP, Hypnosis, and other mindset strategies to re-wire your brain

BODY – Using Somatic Bodywork (Kunyin) and Nervous System Regulation (Neurofit) to re-wire your body

BEING- Using channeling and energy healing to connect you back to your soul 

This is the piece that has finally been able to bring all things together…

We have only been adding the hypnosis into our sessions for a few weeks now and it’s already getting rave reviews!

Hell, one of our clients booked a retreat and then rang back and said she felt sooo confident after her session she didn’t think she needed the retreat. Now THAT is a testimonial!!

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