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Lurkers and finger hoverers



  1. a person who lurks, in particular a user of an internet message board or chat room who does not participate.

I know you are out there as you all tell me when I see you IRL (in real life that means – my 10 year old filled me in). If I had a dollar for everytime someone says to me “Oh I love what you are doing. I watch all your stuff” I wouldn’t need to be working (but I still would cause I love it ha ha). Every time I hear this, I am shocked as I never see a comment or a like or an interaction but you are all watching. Following along at home, enjoying the content, being inspired and deep down wishing you could have the same. You might not want to do the exact same thing as me, but you want something “more” in your life.

Your life has become a bit “meh” and you are watching silently from the side lines wishing you could have some of that too.

  • the fun

  • the feeling of being on purpose,

  • the ability to wake up with a bounce in your step with your body feeling fit and healthy

  • the connections, friends and soul sisters

  • the money coming into the bank but the freedom to be at your kid’s sports day or have your massage or just take a much needed nanny nap in your lunch break

  • the deep-seated trust and knowing

  • the travel, laughter and good times

But something is holding you back. What is it? Why do you all “love it so much” but never take the action to change it. Why does your finger “hover” over that buy now but then you stop and talk yourself out of it? FEAR I get it – I have done that so many times. Watched, watched, watched, hovered, hovered, hovered. “I’m not ready”. “I can’t justify the money”. “I don’t know this person well enough” This list goes on. But what happens when you stop peering from the outside and actually step into the room? Things CHANGE. And QUICKLY. I would also be rich for the amount of times people said to me “As soon as I said YES things started shifting” It’s energy. Makes sense to me. So if you are a lurker or a finger hoverer I am CALLING YOU FORWARD. Get out of your own way and press the bloody button. The shitter you feel the more you need it. Trust me. Aligned Woman Pre-Party Prices finish TODAY. No more lurking or hovering.

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We have just launched our Pre-Party prices for the Aligned Woman Academy. Get in before next Monday and you will score yourself a HALF PRICE ticket. One week only – this one will not be extended! The link to get all the deets and information is here.

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