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Down Days

What a bloody rollercoaster…

From the high of Tony Robbins to getting sick and crying for no apparent reason for days. All within a week. Gah…

I did a post on my IG story this morning as I had been MIA for several days. Who wants to show up miserable and in the dumps? Not me! (particularly as I am normally quite upbeat and positive). Ugh!

And I teach people how to change their state – Double Ugh! I can normally snap myself out of these moods but this time I felt different.. Sad, teary, flat. I didn’t want to dance or meditate or journal. I wasn’t in the “mood”

Yep I was like a scowly teenager….

Anyway – I haven’t got to the bottom of it yet (probably a mix of several things) and am not even sure I am completely out the other side but I do know I am feeling a lot lighter. Sometimes you just have to sit in the dark for a while. The only thing I did consistently was walk, be in nature and talk to my friends.

The thing that snapped me out of it though, was doing my support worker shift today.

As soon as I saw my client, she said something funny to me and I burst into laughter. I had tears running down my cheeks but these ones were the funny kind.

We have a great relationship and I am grateful that it works both ways. Sometimes I cheer her up and today she cheered me up. Thank goodness!

So the lessons in today’s sister share are these:

  1. Sometimes you feel crap. Full stop. You don’t need to know why

  2. Don’t ever stop getting out of the house and walking or moving your body. Nature really helps.

  3. Doing things for others can you get you out of your own miserable head.

So from this place, I am sending you all a cheery email and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

If you are feeling crappy and need a pep me up or to meet some new people - we only have a few weeks to our Renew Retreat and we are doing a super duper last-minute 2-for-1 special. If you want to know more about this please reach out. I promise not to cry on your shoulder (at least I hope I don’t!)

The retreat is going to be a great place to connect with others, unwind, and go a bit deeper (if you choose) – All workshops are optional. I would love to see you there!

Michelle Anne x P.S Click to check out our reel below 👇🏻👇🏻

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