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Plan, Produce and Plan your Own Podcast with Diane Mckendrick
  • Plan, Produce and Plan your Own Podcast with Diane Mckendrick

    Hey, fellow heart-centred LEADER !!!


    We have now supported nearly 30 women globally to get their voices to the world and Publish their podcasts! NOW ITS YOUR TURN - YOUR VOICE MATTERS!


    YOU have a special message that needs to be shared, so I want to take out all the guesswork and give you backend support so you can ROCK UP, RECORD and RETREAT! We have an efficient team behind the scenes that will support you in publishing your 1st 3 Podcasts. Once the 3rd one has been published, you will receive procedures for continuing the process yourself.


    Stop telling yourself:
    I don't have time
    I don't know how
    People won't listen to me
    What do I know
    What will I talk about in my podcast? JUST START!


    I'm here to make it efficient, easy and affordable.


      Listen to what Phoebe Dray has to say

       "I spent thousands of dollars on buying other podcast products to help me start my own podcast. They where all too complicated and hard, so many steps & confusing. Di and her team made the process simple, efficient & FUN !!With Di by my side it was so easy - My podcast Profit 2 Cast now up to Episode 71 and I get global feedback on how it changes peoples lives. It has increased my reach & credibility in my business and completely changed so much for me because of the podcast.Thank you Di for helping me make this happen."

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