Millionaire Mum

Millionaire Mum

My name is Diane McKendrick. I am a driven, focused, successful businesswoman who is also a soft nurturing wise and feminine goddess. I am a Boss Babe Thriving Business Owner and a wholesome, sweet, dance in the kitchen, read them bed time stories kinda Mum.


 I go from Business Meetings to School drop off and from dining in some of the finest restaurants with extremely influential people,  to eating sandy fish and chips on the beach with dreadlocks in my hair with my family.  I go from speaking, motivating and inspiring humans all  over the world to pulling my hair out when my own children refuse to listen to a word I say (especially when I tell them “put your shoes on and grab your water bottle” and we get to the cafe and both of them are barefoot and waterbottless. It drives me bonkers! The contrast is stark.


I'm writing this book to show you that you can have it all. You can do what you love with people you love and create an impact in the world adding value to people's lives and receiving financial abundance. You can create, call in and make a shit tonne of money AND you can do bed time stories, morning pancakes, school pick up and drop offs, book week, school lunches and dinners, you can take days off when your children are sick, spend your nights with family camp fires and slowly wake each morning spending sacred time with your special little people.

Success means so many different things to different people, it is my intention through this book and our time together you will  get crystal clear on what success and abundance means to you. YOUR version, not what you have been taught by society.


Should you decide to join this journey with us be prepared for monumental growth. It is time to connect with your internal Compass, to create and align with your vision of success and of abundance in ALL areas of your life.