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Inspired Action List Notebook
  • Inspired Action List Notebook

    Your Personalised journal for your Magic Morning Practise.

    Create your "Get to do list" by synthesising your future self, past and present self.
    Sprinkle it with deep gratitude, sit back and watch the magic unfold in ALL areas of your life!

    Most people have pages of messy, half-done "to do" lists and feel overwhelmed and focusing on low-priority actions, which creates  the rat race urgent "can never get enough done,"
    feeling. Waking up feeling behind even before your feet hit the floor.

    My Inspired Action Plan takes you through a process where we look at what your life currently demonstrates and what your dreams and desires ARE, and the process integrates the two. The Inspired "get-to-do list" is created from the future self and the starting point of "WHAT YOU GOT DONE" yesterday.

    Simple, Strategic with the right amount of spirituality ~ join women and families worldwide, waking up feeling focused, on purpose and getting more done by doing less!

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