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Parallel Realities, Near Death experiences & a Science Degree

If you have continued reading after that crazy subject line, then you are my sorta human!

I have always been obsessed with the supernatural, what happens after you die, what is a past life, why are we here, are we the only beings in the universe sorta questions..

It’s been a thread through my WHOLE LIFE…

I was thinking about these deep topics at the age of 7 and really haven’t stopped.

This week, however, they have been AMPLIFIED and it’s blowing my little mind.

I received a Quantum Transformational Breakthrough Experience and DNA upgrade from the very talented Rubia Lacerda and since this session, my gifts and intuition have jumped to the next level.

Like seriously crazy stuff happening over here (in the greatest possible way). It’s very hard to put into words but I have been receiving messages, downloads and even channelling my own guidance.

Yes… very WOO WOO indeed and I will be sharing about it all on a podcast this week with my sister.

Now if you are a little skeptical (but clearly intrigued as you are still reading) then I want to put something to you.

This stuff is based by SCIENCE. Yes that is correct – its no longer being written off as crazy or crackpot or downright mumble jumble – it’s backed up by EVIDENCE.

Here is the fun piece – most of you may not realise but I also have a Science Degree and thrive in the ”known”, the “structure” and the “black and white”. I don’t do “grey” and enjoy stability and control in my life.

Enter stage right my spiritual side. I have realised over time that I also thrive on the grey, the unknown and the flow.

What a contrast!!

Science degree, Ex- Police Officer now Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach. Yes that is correct!

I got all bases covered.

I can talk your ear off about nervous system regulation, parallel realities and how you can use spirituality and science to call in your dream life. I have done it (and am still doing it).

Parasympathetic nervous system, mindfulness, breath work, channelling, heart lead decisions, mind-altering chemicals, manifestation, creation.. they are all linked.

Anyway I could go on and on about this topic but will save that for my podcast. I am currently reinvigorating my Soul Stories Podcast and would love to interview people on these topics.

If you have an interesting story to share (the crazier the better) reply to this email and I will send you the application form.

If you want to immerse yourself in these topics make sure you lock in the 12-15th October in your calendars. We are holding our Renew Retreat where we bring neuroscience and new age together to allow you to stop long enough to dip your toes into what could be possible. Reconnect. Rewire and

Re-find yourself. The retreat is glamping style and super affordable for all. Both men and women are invited. Most importantly it’s by the beach AND the beds are super comfy! I stayed there Saturday night and woke in a heavenly cloud with the ocean a few hundred metres away. Bliss.

Click the button below to get all the information. Tents are selling fast so get yours secured.

T2S Renew Retreat

Renew Retreat with Those 2 Sisters is an exclusive and rejuvenating experience for busy corporate workers, overachieving entrepreneurs or everyday humans who are seeking a much-needed break from their hectic lifestyles.

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