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Individual Sessions

Come along and experience a one of a kind intuitive energy and sound healing. Michelle Anne uses a trance-like state and Shamanic style modalities to channel energy, sound and messages from light beings. Clients have described sensations of floating, tingling, visions, extreme clarity, lightness, visitations from spirit guides and a feeling of wholeness and wellbeing. Sessions can be done either face to face or remotely.


  • Please arrive on time to maximise our time together

Bring a water bottle, journal (optional) and an open mind!


Sandy Hatton.jpeg

Sandy H.

This was an experience like no other! Michelle was warm, open and inviting and the overall energy healing has lasted for days with less anxiety and an overall feeling of calm. Go in open minded!

Jen PArker.jpg

Jennifer P.

Thank you so much Michelle Anne for a truly spiritual and soulful experience one word Wow. Michelle was singing and chanting, I thought she was using a crystal bowl. The message I received was too have fun and not be so serious....

Kerrie Parkin.jpg

Kerrie P.

I had the most wonderful session with Michelle last week she did warn me that it would like nothing I’d experienced before, and she was right! It was like having my cards read while being hugged by someone who really wanted to heal you...

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