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A passionate Author, Speaker & Life Coach, inspiring you to Rise Up, step into your power and live your FULLEST life.


Diane is an expert in personal empowerment, publishing her first book “Rise Up – A Soulful Guide to Success” in 2018. Diane set out to create a guide to help woman grow in business whilst maintaining the delicate balance of everyday responsibilities.


Rise Up has changed the ballgame for woman in business, guiding them to connect into their true power and unlock their greatness.


Diane is an international guest speaker and comes highly recommended with her contagious presence which will WOW your audience and leave everyone in the room feeling loved, powerful and ready to change the world. She has a unique gift for truly engaging any audience and guiding them into a powerful, present and resourceful state.

Life Coach

Ready to make real change? Need someone to help keep you accountable, offer support and promote growth? Using a combination of science and spirituality, Diane will help open the flood gates and encourage you to stop merely responding to life. She will give you the tools and techniques to step into your power, claim your freedom and start creating the life you desire and deserve with absolute certainty.

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...One of the major differences that I have noticed after working with Those2Sisters  is around the courage and confidence. Di and Michelle have taught me to tune into my body and exercise the way that my body feels like it needs and eat, the way that I feel like I need and that kind of thing rather than feeling like I should be doing this diet or I should be going to the gym or I should be doing this. Get out of your own way, make a change and I promise you will thank yourself for it later....



I'm a total perfectionist, overthinking about everything and just really struggling in business. Di taught me to take out the imperfect action because that's what drives the results. There's beauty in the journey. And so the gift that I will be eternally grateful for Diane is that feeling of being able to give me my presence, being able to be present where I am and just take the action, do the thing and then move on and not hanging around, holding on to it because it really holds so many of us back in life and in business. 

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I am a first time entrepreneur, so new to the experience of being in a business. I've worked with them and the best part of two years, I've started running my own retreats throught their help and support. As the person who's running retreats, comes across with a few challenges and having them to support and knowing they're in my ear, everywhere I go...I could hear them telling me how to get through the next thing and how to grow, how to be the person I am today.

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I work with business owners to create profitable cash rich businesses with confidence.

I love being part of Those2Sisters ascension circle, a community of powerful women.I feel more confident and more aligned with my purpose from working closely with Diane in her vox of coaching and one on one monthly coaching. Over the past 14 months, my income from my business has reflected this change in my own personal confidence with my business income growing over 300% in the past 12 months. I'm now focused on my big mission and purpose in this world.

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